TogetherStrong Fund

Support the work of Mental Health Partners’ caregiving team members who are providing individual and group counseling to those most affected.

In the months and years after mass casualties such as Columbine and Aurora, community-focused resource centers became a hub of healing, hope, recovery, and resilience. These centers provided community members with healthy ways to adapt to change, challenge, and stress through education, professional therapeutic services, and connecting with other community partners for programming to support and maintain long-term resilience. The centers helped survivors of violent crime, veterans, at-risk youth, women in crisis, the homeless, refugees and immigrants, and more…all at no cost.

Following the Table Mesa King Soopers tragedy in 2021, Mental Health Partners established the #BoulderStrong Resource Center to work with these centers to develop and provide a trauma-informed facility where individuals can find a full array of programs and services to help shape and guide their healing journey.

The purpose of the TogetherStrong Fund is to help cover programming expenses for the center in order to assure that the Boulder community has access to a full array of no-cost services.

Such services include, but are not limited to, ongoing support groups, health and wellness coaching, peer support specialists, and support from community health workers. Additional services include trauma-informed yoga, acupuncture, massage, childcare for families utilizing services, and spiritual support. The facility is also be available to community groups with related missions such as NAMI and Rise Against Suicide.

One hundred percent of each dollar received by this fund will be invested in the #BoulderStrong Resource Center.

To donate online, please click here or the button above. In the drop-down box asking for the purpose of your gift, please indicate "TogetherStrong Fund."

Thank you for supporting #BoulderStrong.